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Richard Ghilarducci: Why Mentors are Needed in Sales

Richard Ghilarducci: The Need for Mentors in Sales Mentorship is a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Richard Ghilarducci explains that through mentorship, an experienced individual known as the mentor imparts knowledge, as well as expertise and wisdom, to a less experienced person called the mentee. The mentor does this while simultaneously honing their mentoring skills. Effective […]

Richard Ghilarducci: The Most Important Part of Communication

Richard Ghilarducci: Listening is More Important Than You Think Good listeners have been observed to improve their overall productivity. They also can influence, persuade, negotiate, and communicate. In fact, Richard Ghilarducci believes that listening sincerely and actively is arguably the most important part of communication. In communication, listening is arguably more important than talking, especially […]

Richard Ghilarducci on the Different Leadership Styles

Richard Ghilarducci: The Four Leadership Approaches On Effective Communication and Leadership Effective communication is surely one of the most significant parts of successful leadership in business. How a team performs hinges on how well they communicate with one another. According to Richard Ghilarducci, the anchor of a team’s communication network is the team leader. The […]