Richard Ghilarducci: Great Leadership Qualities to Have

Richard Ghilarducci: Become a Leader with These Qualities

According to Richard Ghilarducci, there are quite a number of qualities that a business leader possesses. That said, which of these qualities actually separates a simply good leader from the elite great? Some would say it is charisma. Some would say it is determination. Others would say it is intelligence. However, what do all great leaders have in common?
Depending on the talent companies hire, Richard Ghilarducci mentions that employees can be complicated to deal with. They can be productive one day and seem unmotivated the next.

Given how much money a company pours into recruitment and training, ending up with an unproductive employee could mean wasting thousands of dollars and possibly putting your company at risk. Great leaders can turn this all around.

Yes, great leaders in business should be able to motivate and empower their employees in order to keep them passionate about their work as well as the company, keeping it alive and growing.

Here are some of the best qualities of the best leaders, according to Richard Ghilarducci.

1. Natural Visionaries: The most successful business leaders have always seen what clients and consumers will need, even before people feel the need for them. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson all saw and understood the future. They anticipated that huge populations in the world would actually pay for the products and services that they conceptualized, designed, developed, and put out in the market.

2. Effective Listeners: While most famous leaders are recognized for their commanding voice, not much has been said about how they had to listen to the people around them at first. So many individuals who history has remembered have been known to listen to the needs of everyone around them and fight for these needs. A leader who truly listens to people in their charge understands them better. Listening also empowers the employee, knowing that the business leader is listening to and acknowledging their ideas.

3. Compassionate and Understanding Individuals: Companies that aim high often encounter huge problems in the process, according to Richard Ghilarducci. Keep in mind that NASA didn’t reach the moon during its first attempt. That is why leaders should know how to forgive mistakes. Errors can be invaluable to teachers; they could cost thousands of dollars today. That said, learning from them can save the company millions tomorrow.

4. Responsible and Selfless Teammates: Richard Ghilarducci also points out that great leaders should share a brighter future with their employees. If you have people who stand out in the crowd due to their diligence and passion, provide them with growth paths so they don’t feel like their position is constricting their talent. By giving them more tasks and rewarding them according to their efforts and accomplishments, these employees can later on become the foundation of something that would be quite extraordinary.

5. Skilled Judges of Characters: Hiring and managing people are skills that are fairly easy to do. However, top business leaders such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have exhibited hiring and management skills that are considered to be next-level. They’ve managed to get the best people into their companies, make the most out of their talents, and keep them happy, which, if you ask any business owner, is no meager feat. All this ultimately leads to a thriving business, even during tough times.

6. Tech-Savvy Workers: If you notice, a huge percentage of the world’s most successful business leaders are knowledgeable when it comes to cutting-edge technology. They all know how to use the latest apps, programs, and devices and are seldom if ever, left behind by the times when it comes to tech, explains Richard Ghilarducci.

While there are many more qualities and skills that the best business leaders exhibit, these are some of Richard Ghilarducci’s favorites — skills and qualities he strives to cultivate within himself and his subordinates.

Humboldt State University alumnus Richard Ghilarducci held leadership roles, including Chief Executive Officer. He was also a community leader and was elected Mayor for three terms. Read more about his leadership, communication, and management insights by following this page.